Woods Group

The challenge

Woods Group offers charity fundraising support services to more than fifty major charities – including high profile causes such as RNIBGuide Dogs for the Blind and Help for Heroes, handling and processing payments from charity appeals, raffles, lotteries and direct debits. As the company had grown, its payment facility had evolved into an array of platforms for taking card payments online that was hard to manage and also involved a double handling of information into both its CRM and payment processing systems that proved far from efficient. A more streamlined process e-commerce payment solution was required since Woods Group’s payment options ranged from PDQ terminals connected to phone lines to web portals.

The set-up meant not only managing multiple payment platforms but also having enter information, first into the company’s payment processing facilities and then into its CRM system which meant a time consuming double handling of more than 250,000 donations a year.

The solution

Woods Group chose ChipDNA Direct, a universal card payment processing protocol based on XML that enables card not present, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) and e-commerce payments in conjunction with the our payment gateway. The e-commerce payment solution has been integrated into Woods Group’s in-house CRM system and its website, allowing a single platform and single handling of information that replaced the previous convoluted set-up.

Woods Group approached us after a recommendation from another supplier it was working with at the time. We impressed on all grounds – from functionality, speed and ease of implementation and value, to our one to one approach to account management and tech support since knowledgeable staff are always on hand.

The results

Moving to a single solution for card payments across all of Woods Group’s 40 plus charity clients has enabled a huge saving in time and costs since it has seen the removal of PDQ’s throughout the business and the multiple web portals in use before. The double entry of information of around 250,000 transactions a year has also been eliminated greatly improving efficiency for Woods Group and allowing the company to keep down the rates it charges its charity sector clients.

“We couldn’t be happier and are more than happy to recommend Creditcall to anyone looking for a reliable, trusted card processing payment solution since we can’t fault our partnership with Creditcall,” said Dave Sully, IT manager at Woods Group. “As well as offering a value for money, reliable solution we also enjoy the benefits of dealing with an easily accessible company with the knowledge that we can pick up the phone and speak directly to someone that we have a very good relationship with - that’s a real advantage. In addition the platform has never let us down and for our clients in the charity sector that is absolutely vital since for them every penny counts.”

Key facts

End user 

Woods Group 


Wanted to simplify and improve the efficiency of its e-commerce payment solutions for its charity customers 




Improved efficiency that has ended the double handling of more than 250,000 charity donations a year

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