The challenge

E-commerce solutions provider SellerDeck has helped tens of thousands of smaller companies to sell on the web since the company’s formation in 1996, but when it wanted to add payments to its mix it chose us to provide the functionality it needed. In the years since, more than an estimated £11 billion has been traded through the SellerDeck platform. SellerDeck has a range of e-commerce applications but also provides solutions and services for telephone/mail order operations. Whilst the company’s e-commerce solutions were compatible with a range of payment providers, SellerDeck also wanted to be able to offer its own payment solution as the “preferred” service to its customers.

“SellerDeck’s customers needed the ability to manage both their orders and payments efficiently through a single screen whilst SellerDeck needed to ensure that any solution it implemented was PCI-DSS compliant,” says SellerDeck Managing Director, Phil Rothwell. “The Creditcall solution met all these requirements perfectly.”

The solution

SellerDeck has offered SellerDeck Payments, its processing systems for secure online and offline transactions, since 2008. The service features a customised implementation of our hosted payment page which provides the secure form into which cardholders enter their payment details whilst our ChipDNA Direct payment processing protocol provides additional transaction features of our payment gateway including fraud profiling, voids and refunds. Our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance ensures the ultimate in peace of mind for our customers from a security standpoint.

The results

SellerDeck says that that our  partnership has been key in enabling them to expand its business beyond its e-commerce solution to include payments and allowing it to provide its customers with a feature-rich solution that enables them to offer great customer service, whilst remaining PCI/DSS compliant.

“The service has been a great success and is a key, strategic part of our business,” says Rothwell. “We have always had a great working relationship with Creditcall and found them to be professional, totally reliable, and easy to deal with.”

Indeed, SellerDeck is so impressed with our solution that we also feature in a video on their website talking about the payments functionality.

“We run on the Creditcall platform because they are reputable, well established and highly secure,” says SellerDeck’s Project Sales Manager, Josh Barling.

It’s a relationship that just keeps on growing with the SellerDeck applications having recently been revamped to a new responsive design that supports mobile and tablet devices too.

Key facts


Wanted to offer their own payments solutions to their e-commerce customers so needed payment gateway, MOTO and hosted payment page capabilities


ChipDNA Direct, hosted payments page and MOTO solutions


Successful expansion of the SellerDeck Payments solution over the years since its initial introduction, in a continually developing relationship

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