Red Funnel

The challenge

Ferry company Red Funnel operates routes between Southampton and the Isle of Wight and offers customers the ability to book ferry travel, hotel and holiday accommodation, attraction, festival and events tickets online or via its call centre. It needed to switch to a new payment gateway solution after a fire at the data center of its merchant acquirers highlighted the vulnerability of its previous solution and meant it wanted to better protect itself by looking for an alternative provider to give resilience against future outages. In addition, Red Funnel was also seeing a high number of fraudulent online transactions for its events tickets and needed a more secure option.

How Creditcall helped

By setting up an account with Creditcall, Red Funnel was able to have multiple merchant acquirers, enabling it to swap in the event of any outages and providing resilience to the system.

How it works

By integrating ChipDNA Direct into its e-commerce solution Red Funnel was able to offer the ability to sell tickets online more robustly and securely than previously.

Why Creditcall

Red Funnel was attracted to us for a number of reasons, primarily the competitive pricing and simple integration. The ability to have 3-D Secure as part of the solution as well as no extra charge being made for tokens were also key success factors in the company choosing us.

The results

Our payment gateway provided the additional robustness that Red Funnel required whilst also reducing the number of charge backs the company was experiencing.

Lee Newsham, revenue systems support manager at Red Funnel, said: “We wanted to improve reliability and security of our services and both have been achieved. We have been able to ensure the payment channel is always available without any outages since we have been live and our chargebacks have dramatically fallen thanks to 3-D Secure and the fact that the majority of card issuers have adopted the scheme.”

The future

Having enabled secure but simple online sales with the integration of ChipDNA Direct, Red Funnel has improved security and convenience for its customers with the launch of our tokenization solution. This enables the generation of a secure token once a payment transaction is processed that is an alias for the original cardholder data. The token can then be used for subsequent authorizations, meaning that Red Funnel can reuse existing cardholder data from previous transactions without having to store or secure the cardholder data information themselves.

Key facts

End user 

Red Funnel


Needed a more reliable, robust and secure payment solution that reduced outages and addressed the loss in revenue suffered through chargebacks


ChipDNA Direct


No outages since implementation, and a dramatic reduction in chargebacks

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