The challenge 

Short-term or pop-up retail, is an increasingly popular trend worldwide as shoppers demand fresh and flexible retail concepts while landlords look to make the best use of redundant space. Working with We Are Pop Up, a company that connects brands and businesses to short-term retail commercial space across Europe, Full Circle Commerce needed to deliver a payment application for a series of pop-up stores opening in Berlin’s Corio shopping centre.

How Creditcall helped 

Full Circle Commerce chose  ChipDNA for iOS and Android which comprises an mPOS SDK and payment gateway service, to simplify payments in popuppay's Social Commerce product, which is targeted specifically at the pop-up retail market. By incorporating our mPOS SDK within popuppay in conjunction with our payment gateway, Full Circle Commerce is able to offer pop-up retailers the ability to take debit and credit cards alongside alternative payments, increasing revenue for retailers that may previously have been restricted to accepting cash simply because they couldn't afford the investment in payment terminals.

How it works 

Full Circle Commerce’s poppupay platform works as a complete out of the box commerce product offering for small and pop-up retailers. As well as integrating the mPOS SDK, the solution also includes certified and EMV compliant PIN pads, technical support and transaction management and reporting, WebMIS.

Why Creditcall 

We have already worked with Full Circle Commerce in partnership on a successful pilot of the popuppay mPOS product with We Are Pop Up in London’s Boxpark in 2013 with the rollout into Corio being a natural progression of the relationship.

The results 

The extension of the Full Circle Commerce, Creditcall and We Are Pop Up relationship illustrates the strength of our partnership approach. By incorporating ChipDNA into popuppay has shown the benefit of choosing a third party expert partner to provide functionality for markets that demand speed, convenience and reliability without the infrastructure costs that would typically have been required for a non-mobile solution.

Siân Bosley, Commercial Director at Creditcall, said: “The integration of Creditcall’s payment app and gateway service into Full Circle Commerce’s popuppay product and its subsequent rollout into Corio is a significant move and shows the benefits that working with our Creditcall mPOS SDK can bring for those in the market for an effective, future-proofed payment option.”
Russell Sheffield, CEO at Full Circle Commerce, said: “Pop-up stores are a rapidly growing market that in the past has been hindered by the lack of effective, efficient payment options. By working with Creditcall on popuppay we have been able to offer a highly connected, reliable solution for this market.”

The future 

Following the initial launch, popuppay is rolling out internationally, delivering an effective and reliable payment product offering for the pop-up store format whilst continuing to push the boundaries of innovation in retail and Social Commerce.

Key facts

End user 

Full Circle Commerce (for its customer We Are Pop Up)


Payment facility required for Full Circle Commerce’s mPOS product popuppay


ChipDNA for iOS & Android


Awarding of a contract for Full Circle Commerce to introduce popuppay in eight stores in Berlin’s Corio shopping centre with additional rollout likely.

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