The challenge 

Consumers have come to expect the freedom to conduct a payment transaction at their own convenience and on their own terms – whether on a tablet, mobile phone, at work in front of their PC, or at a kiosk. While the origins of kiosks pre-date any connected device – more sophisticated kiosks are a growing trend and business – particularly in-store. Kiosks are increasingly used to enhance and support the independent customer experience whether buying or browsing, and in some cases, even welcoming the up-sell (e.g. consider when you’re asked to upgrade your airline seat to business (economy) or first class at the airport check-in kiosk). The ability to ensure convenient yet secure card acceptance on such kiosks, especially in unattended environments (e.g. an unmanned parking kiosk or a Redbox movie rental kiosk), is key to enhancing the overall  payment experience and opening up new potential revenue streams. As the U.S. market is in the process of migrating from magnetic stripe cards to the EMV chip card standard by October 2015, adding EMV ready payment functionality within a kiosk is a relatively new process. For kiosk operators, EMV migration can be a complex, long, and costly process without the guidance and technical support of an EMV experienced technical partner.

How Creditcall helped

KioWare, a leading kiosk software provider, needed to swiftly and securely extend to its valued customers added functionality and a competitive advantage by providing a solution for EMV compliance. Keeping in mind the October 2015 U.S. Liability Shift deadline, and the need for customers to future-proof their business the solution needed to be trusted, simple and cost effective. Based on our established track record and experience as a trusted EMV-gateway provider, KioWare selected our EMV migration solution ChipDNA for Windows. ChipDNA is a SDK that allows the simple, speedy and cost effective integration of EMV transaction processing into attended and unattended Point of Sale (POS) applications. This means that kiosk operators choosing the KioWare software solution to lockdown their kiosks to prevent unauthorized access, will be able to accept EMV chip cards in time for the U.S. Liability Shift in October 2015 without having to do the lengthy and complex certification processes themselves.  EMV migration efforts are reduced from months to days with the implementation of ChipDNA. The product offering is the culmination of 15 years of trusted EMV migration experience and innovation.

How it works

Our EMV migration SDK, ChipDNA, has been integrated into the latest version of KioWare’s Windows based lockdown software as a dropdown solution when kiosk operators are configuring the software on their kiosks. Operators are able to choose us as an EMV-ready payment gateway and EMV Migration Solution partner. The KioWare software can be used in any kiosk market – from locking down online retail stores in kiosk applications to ticketing and vending machines.

Why Creditcall

KioWare is a partner supplier of unattended payment solution specialists Hemisphere West Europe Ltd and UCP Inc, who both represent Creditcall. With our track record of 15 years of EMV migration success and proven partnership between the companies involved, it was a logical step for KioWare to improve the functionality of its software yet further by adding an EMV compliant payment solution such as ChipDNA. Until the October 2015 Liability Shift, KioWare will use ChipDNA in magnetic-stripe mode and be able to switch to EMV chip card payments at the push of a button.

The results

By incorporating ChipDNA, KioWare has been able to offer its customers an additional reason to choose its software, since they now get the added benefit of being able to support EMV compliant devices when setting up payment options for their kiosks. It offers kiosk operators added functionality that they would otherwise have had to source separately and which typically involves up to 22 months of development and investment time in the integration and certification process for EMV.

James Kruper, President and Founder of KioWare said: “The ability to add EMV payment functionality into our lockdown software with the help of ChipDNA, gives kiosk operators a tried-and-tested solution when choosing our software to secure their systems. We can offer them an easy migration path to EMV compliant payments whilst also ensuring their kiosks’ applications are protected from misuse and potential hacking.”

The future

The ability to offer a future-proofed solution was vital for KioWare. The solution is initially integrated in magnetic-stripe mode and will move to EMV at the push of the button meaning that kiosk operators rolling out the software will be EMV payment compliant in time for October 2015.

Key facts

End user 



KioWare needed to swiftly and securely extend to its valued kiosk operator customers added functionality and a competitive advantage by providing solution for EMV compliance in time for the October 2015 Liability Shift in the U.S.


ChipDNA for Windows


Customers have an added reason to choose KioWare since the software now enables operators to be EMV compliant without the time and investment required to ensure compliance and device certification themselves.

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