Bristol Airport

The challenge

When Bristol Airport decided a change in payment gateway suppliers for its 14,000 pay-on-foot car parking spaces, it wanted an omni-channel, PCI compliant, reliable service with a knowledgeable and reactive support team that would be able to offer both e-commerce and pay-on-foot options. When it later wanted to introduce a new supplier for online booking for its car-parking, the same requirements of a supplier applied.

How Creditcall helped

We offered a straightforward switch of suppliers in 2010 for the airport’s pay-on-foot car parking using the airport’s existing SkiData terminals. When the airport subsequently updated its equipment with new Xerox machines it retained Creditcall as its payment gateway.

However it was our omni-channel approach that has allowed the relationship to flourish since it enabled Bristol Airport the simplicity of a single payment gateway supplier for all its card payments. As a result we have signed a deal to manage not just the on-site parking, but since March 2014 Bristol Airport's online parking pre-bookings business.

How it works

For the relaunched online parking pre-booking system, users can now pay by card for their parking reservation through Chauntry's booking engine. Once the customer clicks ‘pay’, they enter their details on our hosted payment page and transactions are directed to Bristol Airport’s own merchant account. The airport benefits from being able to view these transactions, along with all pay station payments on WebMIS, our single reporting and transaction management platform.

Why Creditcall

Bristol Airport chose us because of both our omni-channel offering and the excellent support team. “Creditcall were extremely knowledgeable and understood our requirements which gave us peace of mind that the switch would be smooth and easy. We were very impressed with their detailed approach in the planning stages, the functionality that their system delivers and recommendations from other customers,” said Liz Court, ground transportation accountant and project analyst for Bristol Airport.”

The results

Bristol Airport says the results have spoken for themselves with minimal downtime and a very quick processing time, allowing for a reliable payment parking solution. The airport says it has also been impressed with the speed, ease of use and flexibility of the system as well as the detail provided by the reporting functionality in the system.

Liz Coode, head of payment services at Creditcall, said: “With our omni-channel capability we are able to provide a single platform solution that means that companies such as Bristol Airport need to deal with only one payment gateway provider regardless of how they’re taking payment. The fact that Creditcall works with almost all the major players in parking, as well as kiosk, e-commerce, mobile payment and ticketing solutions, makes it easy for existing and new customers to select us when they add new services.
Liz Court, ground transportation accountant and project analyst for Bristol Airport, said: “Our decision to implement the e-commerce facility this year was a no-brainer given how impressed we have been with the pay-on-foot solution since we introduced it in 2010. The pay-on-foot system has been highly impressive and the support we received invaluable and this has meant we have had no hesitation in moving forward to introduce e-commerce functionality from Creditcall too.”

The future

The success of the pay-on-foot solution has led directly to the expansion of the relationship to now include e-commerce pre-booking and ticketing too, an implementation that has gone very smoothly according to Court.

Key facts

End user 

Bristol Airport


Pay-on-foot parking payment solution needed in 2010 and e-commerce and ticketing facility required for online parking rollout in March 2014.




Bristol Airport says the functionality and speed of the system has allowed for a trusted, reliable parking solution enabling it to quickly process parking for its airport visitors and flyers.

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