One API. Multiple Payment Possibilities.

CardEaseXML is an XML based protocol that exposes all the payment transaction features of the Creditcall Payment Gateway.

Ways to implement CardEaseXML

  1. Implement the underlying XML messaging and secure communication of the XML messages via SSL.
  2. The easier way is to use one of our robust SDKs which implement the protocol and provide a simple programmatic API.

Supported development languages

The various SDKs provide easy programmatic access from a wide variety of common programming languages including:




Each SDK comes with complete documentation, useful examples and is backed by our best in the business integration support.

All major US processors and UK Acquirers supported

CardEaseXML provides an abstraction layer to all of the banks, acquirers and processors that the Creditcall EMV-ready payment gateway is integrated with. That means that you can support a processor in the USA and an acquirer in the UK, or any other elsewhere, with the same build of code. The Creditcall Payment Gateway will translate a CardEaseXML message into the underlying payment protocol supported by the destination processor or acquirer.

If you’re not using our ChipDNA or our mPOS Toolkit solution and want to get transactions to us then this is the way to do it. Both ChipDNA and the mPOS Toolkit use CardEaseXML to interface to the Creditcall Payment Gateway.

Transaction types

CardEaseXML is capable of handling all transaction types in conjunction with the Creditcall Payment Gateway:

Card Not Present (CNP)
  • e-commerce
Card Present
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Magnetic Stripe Contactless
  • EMV Contact
  • EMV Contactless